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Different Voices User Involvement

What is Different Voices User Involvement?

Different Voices is an inpatient mental health user involvement initiative at The Advocacy Project

Our aim is to help people who use mental health services in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea to be involved in influencing and improving services.

Want to have your say about hospital mental health services?

 You can get involved in the following ways:

· Patients’ Forums and focus groups on the wards

· Service user reps at hospital management meetings

· Speakeasy Magazine

· Surveys

· Meetings, consultations and events

· NHS Recruitment panels

· Different Voices Group in the community

We recognise that not all people wish to participate in group work or meetings.  You can also be involved on a one-to-one basis to make sure your views are heard.

You can be involved in a way that suits you – you could be a short-term participant or a regular member. The project is flexible so that you can participate according to your ability, interest and availability.

Who can participate in Different Voices?

Our project is for people who have used inpatient mental health services in Westminster or Kensington & Chelsea and want to have a say and improve   these services.

Please contact the User Involvement Workers at The Advocacy Project

Natasha & Rebecca         020 8969 3000












The Advocacy Project, 73 St Charles Square, London, W10 6EJ
020 8969 3000

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Subject Definitions

Services offered to those who may require an advocate. An advocate is a person who can support a service user or carer through their contact with health services. Advocates will attend meetings with patients and help service users or carers to express concerns or wishes to health care professionals. Although many people can act as an advocate (friend, relative, member of staff) there are advocacy services available that can be accessed through the Trust.These advocates are trained and independent.
These organisations provide user groups which enable service users to contribute to the development of the services provided.