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Refugee Council

The Refugee Council's Holistic Integration Service supports newly recognised refugees to make the challenging first steps towards resettlement.

Having been denied access to public funds and services during the asylum process, newly recognised refugees need to address some immediate essential issues, namely:

Obtaining the necessary Identify and immigration documentation (Asylum related issues)
Accessing a source of income or interim financial support (Financial Stability issues)
Addressing any physical and mental health problems (Health and Wellbeing issues)
Finding somewhere stable and secure to live (Access to settled housing issues)
Making steps towards securing employment and financial independence (Access to training/education and employment issues)

The Refugee Council, PO Box 68614 , E15 9DQ
Who is it for:
Refugees and asylum seekers.

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Subject Definitions

Abuse and neglect - safeguarding adults Everyone is entitled to live their life in safety without being mistreated, hurt or exploited by others. But some people's situations may make them less able to protect themselves from harm or mistreatment. SAFEGUARDING ADULTS. (if you have concerns that a vulnerable adult is being subjected to abuse or neglect). ... Safeguarding helpline: 020 7641 2176. Tel: 020 7641 6000 or click this link:
Services providing advice and information relating to all aspects of mental health.
Services offered to those who may require an advocate. An advocate is a person who can support a service user or carer through their contact with health services. Advocates will attend meetings with patients and help service users or carers to express concerns or wishes to health care professionals. Although many people can act as an advocate (friend, relative, member of staff) there are advocacy services available that can be accessed through the Trust.These advocates are trained and independent.
This is the support or care that a person can expect to receive once discharged from inpatient care. Typically a discharge plan will be developed by the multidisciplinary team with the service user which will make clear what care and support will be provided.
This is the term used to describe experiences such as chronic fear, tension and panic attacks. Some people have an overwhelming feeling of dread that prevents them getting on with everyday life. Sleepless nights and recurring thoughts are common, as well as nausea, palpitations, dizziness and difficulty in breathing. Anxiety is the most common mental health problem people experience.
Organisations or services involved with campaigning for rights associated with mental health issues.
CAMHS is a term used to refer to mental health services for children and adolescents. CAMHS are usually multidisciplinary teams including psychiatrists psychologists, nurses, social workers and others.
Services associated to counselling in all its various forms, including one-to-one and group therapy.
The mental reaction (anguish, grief, fright) to another person's actions. It may only be recoverable as damages when it is accompanied by physical manifestations (nausea, vomiting, dizziness).
Services providing information and advice about accessing temporary and long term housing.
Services providing information and advice, or treatment, for illnesses and conditions related to mental health.
Legal advice services related to mental health issues and service users.
Professional bodies or professional organisations that further the field of mental health, and protect both the public interest and the interests of professionals.
Rape is a crime wherein the victim is forced into sexual activity against his or her will, in particular sexual penetration.
Abuse of a sexual nature such as rape, incest, fondling, and indecent exposure. Sexual abuse can cause various physical and emotional problems including lack of self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, and depression.
Services to enable non-English speakers to access mental health advice and information.
Services only available to women.
Talking therepy for young people.