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Abundance Arts

Abundance Arts provides music, dance and storytelling, performances and workshops using live interactive fun drumming and percussion. 

Abundance Arts team is made up of highly skilled artists/tutors from different parts of Africa and the Caribbean; (Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Nigeria, Trinidad) as well as volunteers, who dedicate their time on each project and event. A rich mix, delivering high quality creative learning programmes and performing amazing interactive shows.

There are easily accessible activities shaped to participants requirements, offering positive, fun social interaction with music. Also many relaxing and stimlulating therapeutic benefits for people of different age groups.

Please call or email. You can book Abundance Arts to come to your venue anytime throughout the year.

To find out more visit their website

Canalside House, 383 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5AA
020 7792 0935 / 07941 625 359
020 7792 0935