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Waterview Centre

The Waterview Centre offers an evidence-based treatment programme designed to treat clients with personality difficulities/disorder aged 18 and above. We provide a service for the boroughs of Westminister and Kensington and Chelsea.

The multi-disciplinary team maintains a therapeutic environment, providing safe and consistent boundaries within a psychoanalytically informed framework. The programme is for those with a primary diagnosis of personality disorder or other mental health problems where a personality disturbance complicates their treatment.

The Waterview is open Monday-Friday between 9am - 5pm. If you wish to discuss the service further please contact them in the number below or click here to visit their website:


Waterview Centre, 7a Woodfield Road, London, W9 3XZ
020 7266 9550

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Services associated to counselling in all its various forms, including one-to-one and group therapy.
It is common for someone with a personality disorder to be impulsive, have high levels of sensitivity, be aggressive, attention seeking and overly dependent on others. However there is a lot of debate about this disorder. The World Health Organisation defines them as "deeply ingrained and enduring behaviour patterns, manifesting themselves as inflexible responses to a broad range of personal and social situations."
Psychotherapy covers a variety of different talking therapies used to treat depression. Most psychotherapy services involve talking to a licensed professional during a scheduled series of appointments.