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The Big House

The Big House is a place where people who may have given up on themselves gain the skills and confidence to turn their lives around.

The Big House works with care leavers who are at a high risk of social exclusion.

We provide a platform for them to participate in the making of theatre and to have their voices heard.

We use theatre to inspire our members and to facilitate personal growth. The Big House recognises the vulnerability of care leavers as well as their unplumbed talents, hopes and dreams. Through the use of theatre, the development of life skills and therapeutic intervention, The Big House nurtures a relationship of trust with our membership to work on behavioural and emotional problems. By tackling these fundamental needs we unleash our members’ creative potential and build their core skills to help them manage the stressful complexities of taking up a positive role in the community.

151 Englefield Road, N1 3LH
020 7923 9955