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Alternative to Violence Project (AVP) London

AVP is for anyone who wants to manage anger better, handle conflict more skillfully and build more positive relationships. A registered national charity, they run friendly, low cost workshops (courses) which really makes a difference to people's lives. Whether you face conflict at home, in work or on the streets, everyday or once in a while or simply want to learn how to manage your behaviour better, AVP can help.

The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, London N1 6HT
Umbrella org:
National charity
Area serviced:
London and South East
Contact name:
Robert Ordman
Job title:
Regional Co-ordinator,
020 7324 4757
Who is it for:
Everyone over 18 who wants to learn how to manage their anger and handle conflict better.
Full fee £95 (£30 unwaged). Other concessions available on application
How to apply:
Via website or by phone

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